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Jon Ronson

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Writer at the Guardian

The Jon Ronson speeches focus on an array of topics pertaining to his documentary filmmaking, and writings, with a keen interest in psychology and mental illness. Ronson is currently a writer for The Guardian, as well as a filmmaker, author and radio host.

Ronson holds a bachelor's degree from Westminster University in Media Studies. He’s authored a total of five books with titles such as ‘Clubbed Class,’ which was published in 1994, followed by, ‘Them: Adventures with Extremists,’ which was purchased by Universal Pictures in 2005 to be later turned into a movie.

Some notable documentaries by Ronson include ‘The Ronson Mission’ on BBC 2, and most recently ‘Escape and Control,’ which was released in 2011. His main radio gig is on the BBC Radio 4 show called, ‘Jon Ronson On.’

The Jon Ronson speeches are sure to provide intriguing thoughts and perspectives on a plethora of different topics.

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