Jose Bowen

Jose Bowen

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Pianist, Composer, Educator

The keynotes by Jose Bowen reflect his undeniable passion for music. His talks dive deep into the ways technology and its rapid evolution has transformed music throughout history.

Jose Bowen completed four different degrees at Stanford University before beginning his teaching career there in 1982 as the Director of Jazz Ensembles. In 1994, he moved to England to work as a director at the University of Southampton. He moved back to the United States in 1999 to continue his teaching career, this time at Georgetown University. In 2004, he became the Dean of Fine Arts and Professor of Music at Miami University.

In addition to significant involvement in post-secondary education and institutions, he's also a regular jazz performer and has been for the last thirty years, travelling the world to perform with legendary musicians including Dave Brubeck and Liberace.

The keynotes by Jose Bowen offer fascinating perspectives on how technology has affected music throughout history.

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