Joseph Hei

Joseph Hei

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Chief Product Officer for Orbit Baby

The speeches by Joseph Hei focus on the necessary steps that drive people towards a passion. Hei talks about pursuing dreams, and never overlooking passions even if they require sacrificing something else.

Joseph Hei attended Stanford University for his Bachelors in Product Design, and Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as a project engineer at IDEO, and he was CEO and co-founded Orbit Baby with Bryan White. Orbit Baby designs world-class strollers, car seats and accessories for children that are stylish and safe. Currently he is the Chief Product Officer for Orbit Baby, and leads product strategy and devleopment.

The speeches by Joseph Hei push individuals outside of their comfort zone, and provides them with life advice to make the most out of every day. Joseph Hei uses his past experiences to inform his audience that no opportunity should be overlooked.

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