Joshua Walters

Joshua Walters

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Performer, Speaker, Mental Health Educator, Playwright

Keynotes by Joshua Walters focus on and approach mental health issues with a positive perspective. Walters aims to influence individuals into seeing mental health not as a taboo topic, but as something to be embraced and to be used to educate others. As a mental health educator and an individual inflicted with bipolar disorder, Walters knows this subject well.

Walters co-founded the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) Young Adults Chapter in San Francisco and is also a speaker for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). In terms of his education, Walters holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from San Francisco State University and was one of three applicants selected to perform a TED talk. Walters has also written a play titled 'Madhouse Rhythms' that has had a profound impact on the mental health community, and has since become a part for the Performance and Disabilities Studies at UC Berkley.

Keynotes by Joshua Walters use humor, music and art to discuss and re-frame issues of mental illness away from a taboo topic and in a more positive light

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