Juan Enriquez

Juan Enriquez

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Managing Director at Excel Medical Ventures, Chair and CEO of Biotechonomy

Juan Enriquez's keynote speeches discuss the intersection of science, society and business and the way that life sciences can impact international and domestic politics.

The author of 'As the Future Catches You,' and 'The United States of America,' is currently the Managing Director of the venture capital company Excel Medical Ventures and the Chair and CEO of Biotechonomy, specializing in life science research and investment.

He attended Harvard Business School where he completed both his B.A. and M.B.A. studying Government. His studies helped prepare him for his role in the negotiation of a ceasefire by the Zapatista rebels when he worked as Mexico's Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State. Enriquez was also involved in a project with Celera Genomics that saw him collecting data about the genetic makeup of aquatic life alongside the sequencer of the human genome.

The future of both the political and societal positions of the human race are addressed in Juan Enriquez's keynote speeches and the speaker discusses the evolution of science and the human race.

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