Kacie Kinzer

Kacie Kinzer

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Professor and Interactive Artist

Presented by the New York University Telecommunications graduate, speeches by Kacie Kinzer are motivational.

Typically concerned with the way in which people interact with each other, Kinzer talks about research results with social implications. Interested in the way in which people understand and draw assumptions about others, Kinzer's incredibly forward-thinking work has been featured in the New York's Museum of Modern Art. Able to speak about her products with eloquence and understandable terms, Kacie is an ideal speaker for those who aren't necessarily up-to-date with modern technology trends.

What sets Kinzer apart from other artists and individuals in her field is her relentless motivation to prove that society is perhaps better off than people might assume. Speeches by Kacie Kinzer are unique in that they are enlightening in terms of both technological and social issues.

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