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Karen Tse

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Public Defendor, Activist, Founder

Keynotes by Karen Tse focus on the increasing problem of torture as a investigatory tool in corrupt countries. In particular, Tse explores these actions as signifiers of broken legal systems and corrupt governments.

Currently, Tse is the Founder of 'International Bridges to Justice,' an organization that aims to promote basic rights in legal proceedings and eradicate torture. She is also a human rights defender and an international human rights attorney. Prior to this position, Tse negotiated and implemented legal reforms in Asian countries and worked as the San Francisco public defender. She also served as a United Nations Judicial Mentor and created and trained officials in Cambodia's first arraignment court.

With regards to her educational background, Tse earned her Master's degree from the School of Divinity at Harvard University and her J.D. degree from the University of California Los Angeles. In conjunction, Tse received her Bachelor's degree from Scripps College. As a social entreprenuer, Tse receives the support from various foundations including 'Skoll' and 'Echoing Green.'

Through examining the importance of a functioning legal system, free of torture, keynotes by Karen Tse present solutions that may one day put an end to these heinous acts of injustice.

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