Kathryn Born

Kathryn Born

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Editor in Chief and Founder of Chicago Art Magazine

Speeches by Kathryn Born are surprisingly business-savvy given the speaker's background in art and her various creative endeavors.

Kathryn, who graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in creative writing, is an accomplished businesswoman with a specialization in social media consultancy and publishing. Born is most widely known as the Editor in Chief of Chicago Art Magazine, and does freelance marketing consulting on the side. In terms of her expertise when it comes to consulting, she's proven to be particularly talented when it comes to integrated marketing and digital media. Speeches by Kathryn Born tend to focus on her knowledge in this area as opposed to her creative projects, and are incredibly useful for audiences who wish to keep up with the future of marketing.

Eloquent, and with much experience to rely on, Kathryn Born is a leader in her industry for a reason.

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