Kevin Slavin

Kevin Slavin

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Co-Founder of Area/Code

The evolution of algorithms and the notion that humans no longer have control over the technologies they create is discussed in the main topic of Kevin Slavin's keynotes. Slavin has dedicates his career to exploring the effects algorithms have on society and its institutions. From the recommendations on Netflix to stock trading on Wall Street, algorithms control more of our lives than we think.

Slavin serves as the Chairman and co-founder of Area/Code. The company was created in 2005 and builds different types of mobile and video games. The list of the company's clientele is quite impressive including companies such as MTV, CBS and Nike.

Before 2005, Slavin worked in the ad industry, employed by highly successful agencies including DDB and SS+K. Kevin Slavin's keynotes inform audiences on the ever-increasing presence and role of algorithms in society today.

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