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Kristen Powers

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Keynotes by Kristen Powers proudly showcases her passion and dedication towards bringing more attention towards Huntington's disease.

With her mother being diagnosed with the severe Huntington's disease in 2003, Powers experienced first-hand what extreme impact this can have on the person suffering as well as those around them. Since Huntington's diseases is an incurable brain disorder, Powers and her family had to endure watching her mother slowly deteriorate further and further. Being told that she and her brothers also had a 50% chance of inheriting the disease as well, Powers realized that she had to make the most out of what time was given to her.

Powers created the Chapel Hill High School Green Tiger Campaign at her school, which was a sustainable garden that received praise from such distinctions as Parade Magazine's All-American High School Service Team.

Having recently turned 18, Powers looks to further spread the word concerning the impact of Huntington's disease, and has created a fundraising campaign that has raised $10,000 for her 'Twitch' documentary in just over a week.

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