L Smith

L Smith

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Founder and Editor of SMITH Magazne

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's challenge to tell a story in six words, founder and efitor of SMITH Magazine Larry Smith's keynotes focus on the art of compressing one's life into a handful of words.

Most famously known for the Six Word Memoir, which was originally launched in 2006 along with the then-new social media platform, Twitter, Larry Smith quickly became one of the "most interesting people of the day," as expressed by CNN. Obsessed with storytelling, he launched SMITH Magazine in 2006 where he welcomes writers to share their creative take on their stories. He has been interviewed by multiple media outlets such as CNN, The New York Times and The Happiness Project as well as delivering speeches on engaging communities at Google, ESPN, Shutterfly and many more. Prior to SMITH Magazine, he has also been editor for multiple publications like Yahoo! Internet Life and ESPN The Magazine.

Larry Smith's keynotes are not only inspiring but also engage audience members, giving them an instant taste of the writer's brilliant concept.

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