Lara Lee1

Lara Lee1

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Writer, Principal, Chief Innovation and Operating Officer, Design Consultant

The Lara Lee speeches promote the importance of preparing meetings and presentation for business. Lee believes that through careful planning, clear dialogues and successful messages can be achieved.

Lee is currently the Chief Innovation and Operating Offer at Continuum, a global innovation and design consultant. Previously, Lee was a Principal at Jump Associates, a management consulting firm and the Vice President of Enthusiastic Services at Harley Davidson. Her experiences at Jump allowed her to lecture at Stanford and Berkley and writer for both 'Harvard Business Review' and 'Forbes.' In terms of her education, Lee earned both her MBA in Multinational Management and MA in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania.

Boasting over 20 years of business consulting experience, Lee was named 'Master of Innovation' by BusinessWeek and was recently elected to the 'Board of Professional Business Women of California.' By examining the factors that are guaranteed to enforce clear business dialogues, the Lara Lee speeches offer valuable and applicable advice on how to approach customers.

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