Larry Page

Larry Page

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Co-Founder of Google, Inventor of PageRank

The keynotes by Larry Page encourage audiences to take risks, and to engage in a rash entrepreneurial behavior. Larry Page reflects back to times in his life when he was stubborn, and explains how this helped him advance his career.

Larry Page earned a bachelor's in engineering from the University of Michigan, and then a master's in computer engineering at Stanford University. Larry Page and Sergey Brin created the search engine Google as a research project at Stanford University. The company was launched in 1998, and it held its initial public offering in 2004. Larry is currently the CEO of Google, as well as the inventor of PageRank.

Larry Page is an Internet entrepreneur and computer scientist who co-created the world's most popular search engine. The keynotes by Larry Page describe his academic career and inspire innovation in audiences from a wide range of industries.

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