Lisa Bodel

Lisa Bodel

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CEO at FutureThink

The Lisa Bodel speeches provide valuable information on how companies can innovate. She is the CEO of FutureThink, which works with big name clients such as 3M, Johnson & Johnson and G.E.

She is the creator of the ‘SIPC Innovation Framework’ (STRATEGY, IDEAS, PROCESS, CLIMATE). Prior to starting FutureThink, she ran two other successful businesses called ‘Strategic InSites,’ which is a strategic planning firm, and ‘Harvest Partners,’ which is a marketing and branding firm.

Bodel is an advisor on a few boards including, ‘The Women’s Congress’ and ‘The Institute of Direct Marketing.‘ Due to her vast expertise, she has been featured on popular media outlets such as The New York Times, and the Harvard Business Review.

Bodel studied at the University of Michigan Business School, where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The Lisa Bodel speeches are sure to offer great tips that organizations can use to innovate within their industry.

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