Logan Smalley

Logan Smalley

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Director of TED-Ed, Documentarian, Teacher

Logan Smalley's speeches on education and film movement have brought him numerous accolades that have culminated into the position of Director of TED-Ed. Smalley's movie 'Darius Goes West: The Roll of his Life,' about a road trip of a teenager living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy was Smalley's project that helped in funding research for the cure of said disease. The film acquired 28 film festival awards. Through the movie, they were able to establish the Darius Goes West Organization and created Darius Goes West Schools Program.

Smalley became a part of TED-Ed in 2011, which then led to him hosting several TED-Ed workshops. His work at TED-Ed has helped launch learning programs for several thousand classrooms since the launch of TED-Ed BETA website. He acquired his Masters in Technology, Innovation & Education from Harvard in 2007.

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