Marc Ferrentino

Marc Ferrentino

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Chief Technology Officer at BMC Software

In his keynotes, Marc Ferrentino speaks about organizations, professionalism and decision making.

Ferrentino is the Chief Technology Officer at BMC Software, an IT business service management company. Prior to this, he was the chief technical architect at, the vice president of engineering at Vettro and a programming analyst at Goldman Sachs among other positions. Suffice to say, Ferrentino has a wealth of experience in business from both a technical and leadership standpoint.

As is clear in his keynotes, Marc Ferrentino possesses a unique vantage point when it comes to professionalism and efficacy. He points out that professionals, in order to be effective and successful, must be willing to work hard at things they don't necessarily feel comfortable with. An engineer may not like public speaking, but if the job calls for such as task, then that's what they must do.

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