Marisa Fick-Jordan

Marisa Fick-Jordan

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Contemporary Craft & Design at African Loxo

The Marisa Fick-Jordan speeches are centered around her modernization of artisan products. Jordan works in the areas of socio/economic development and contemporary craft and design at African Loxo.

Jordan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Natal in Politics, as well as a Fashion design diploma from Natal Technikon. In 1991, she started a clothing line called African Legacy, which incorporates a modernized Zulu beadwork style.

She is best known for her telephone wire weaving project which became a South African design classic that received an Elle Decoration International Design award in 2002. Fick-Jordan also works as a designer and product consultant in Zanzibar, Zambia, and Rwanda.

The Marisa Fick-Jordan speeches are sure to intrigue audiences interested in the arts.

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