Mark Davy

Mark Davy

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Founder of Futurecity

The keynotes by Mark Davy dive deep into the topic of cultural marketing and branding. Davy commits his professional career to responding to urban society's growing interest in culture and regeneration.

Mark Davy created Futurecity in 2001. This agency invests money into restoring important cultural, historic and artistic landmarks in major cities all across the world. The goal of the company is to reunite people and urban space through various cultural aspects.

Working with local museums, galleries , universities, policy think tanks and cultural associations, Davy and Futurecity are dedicated to creating a home for cultural branding and cultural economics in the modern world. The keynotes by Mark Davy explain why the projects initiated by Futurecity are so relevant in the world and share some of the agency's successes and accomplishments over the years.

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