Meg Barker

Meg Barker

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Meg Barker's keynote career explores her research on sexual relationships and gendered identities. Barker received a PhD in psychology from the University of Nottigham and an MA from the University of Sheffield in Psychotherapy. She currently works at The Open University, chairing courses such as "Counselling: Exploring Fear and Sadness."

Professionally, Barker is affiliated with many boards and organizations. For instance, Barker organizes the 'College of Sexual and Relationship Therapist' conference program; she is also member of the editorial team for the journal. She co-organizes the 'Critical Sexology Group,' a gathering which presents sexuality seminars across disciplines. Furthermore, Barker played an instrumental role in organizing the 'Pornified: Complicating the debates on the sexualization of culture' seminar.

In terms of written contribution, Barker wrote 'Rewriting the Rules,' a psychology book on relationships that is associated with both a blog and project of the same name. She is on editorial boards for several journals, including Sexualities, Porn Studies and the Journal of Popular Romance Studies. She also co-edits the Taylor and Francis Journal 'Psychology & Sexuality.'

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