Mick Napier

Mick Napier

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Founder and Director at the Annoyance Theatre

The speeches by Mick Napier unlock the teacher and actor's creative genius, teaching others about the secrets of building a successful improv scene.

Napier attended Indiana University and moved to Chicago to co-found the Annoyance Theatre right away. After producing a terrific first show, Splatter Theatre, the company continued rolling out the punches, with its 'Co-Ed Prison Sluts' musical being the longest running in Chicago to this date. Since then, Napier has had a hand in contributing to other works of entertainment, including O'Donnel's 'R. Rated,' Jeff Garlin's 'I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With' and directing 'One Woman Shoe,' 'Exit 57' as well as 'Fatty Drives the Bus.'

Taking from the philosophy of Annoyance Theatre, Napier also wrote a book called 'Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out,' exploring topics like weak and polite improvisation.

He is currently an improv teacher at The Annoyance, while also performing weekly in their Skinprov show.

Citing the creative process as being the actual final product as well, the speeches by Mick Napier give a insider glimpse into the scary but ever-so-entertaining world of improvisation.

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