Micki Krimmel

Micki Krimmel

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Co-Founde at Favortree

The keynotes by Micki Krimmel focus on collaborative consumption and how to create a sharing economy. Micki Krimmel demonstrates the social value that comes from sharing, and proves that this can improve the quality of communities and neighbourhoods.

Micki Krimmel earned a a degree from Boston University in film and philosophy. She is the founder and CEO of NeighborGoods, and co-founder and CEO of Favortree. This company earns individuals rewards for doing favors in the community. Lastly, she is the co-founder of LA Startup Club, which is a bi-weekly collaborative work group for Los Angeles-based founders.

The keynotes by Micki Krimmel focus on aiding startup companies, and creating social value through sharing. Micki Krimmel provides opportunities for companies in times of economic uncertainty, and emphasizes that sharing is caring.

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