Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe

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The Mike Rowe keynotes examine the importance of labor-intensive jobs in society and infrastructure. Rowe believes that although these jobs are commonly seen as mindless and low-grade, they contribute to the development of society.

Currently, Rowe is the host, co-creator and executive producer of the Discovery Channel's show 'Dirty Jobs,' which was nominated for an Emmy. Rowe boasts immense experience traveling and partaking in investigatory work regarding the various jobs that are available across the country. In conjunction with his current work, Rowe is the narrator of 'Deadliest Catch,' as well as Ford Truck's national spokesperson. In terms of his education, Rowe earned his degree in Communication Studies from Towson University.

Rowe is also responsible for launching ',' a site which focuses on topics such as blue collar trades and infrastructure decline. In partnership with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers,' Rowe started the 'I Make America' campaign and he also contributed video content to 'The Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute.'

Through offering a new perspective towards blue collar careers and labor-intensive jobs, the Mike Rowe keynotes advocate respect for hardworking individuals working these positions.

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