Neema Mgana

Neema Mgana

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Director, Global Engagement Team at Ashoka

Neema Mgana's keynotes are of the same calibre one might expect from a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Born in Tanzania, Mgana's experiences informed her passion for changing the world through creative and unlikely ways. Currently a candidate for a PhD in International Relations, Mgana is an extremely accomplished woman and was the youngest candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. The main topics which Mgana covers in her keynotes are related to Architecture for Humanity, a strategic approach to healthcare facilities which highlights the role of design in society. A thoroughly charitable and socially mindful individual, Mgana has proven herself as a trustworthy and respectable authority when it comes to social good.

Comprehensive and inspiring, Neema Mgana's keynotes are a must-see for those interested in design and social responsibility.

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