Nicole Lucia

Nicole Lucia

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Student, Educator, LGTBQ advocate

Nicole Lucia's speaking career focuses around her vested interest and involvement in the Queer community. Lucia is a student, an aspiring educator and an active LGBTQ advocate on campus at Fitchburg State University. Recently, Lucia was welcomed to speak at TedxFitchburgStateU. Her insightful lecture examined how queer media (or lack thereof) negatively impacts relationships in the Queer community.

She argued that the disproportionately high rate of abuse and unhealthy relationships between members of the community could be improved upon by introducing more -- and better -- materials for consumption in terms of television, film and literature. Aside from media content, Lucia also examined abuse within medical and academic contexts.

Lucia's passion for bettering the LGBTQ community is clear to see. She will continue to advocate on behalf of the community as she finishes her education and goes on to become an educator herself.

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