Patrician McCarthy

Patrician McCarthy

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The Keynotes by Patrician McCarthy speak to an ancient world of science and philosophy. McCarthy's work builds upon her understanding of Mien Shiang, a type of facial recognition process that characterizes the Chinese medicine canon. She has brought her belief in the value of social cues to the mainstream with her foundation of the Mien Shiang Institute in the U.S., now teaching on the subject of 'Medical Facial Diagnosis.'

McCarthy supports the need to recognize one's contemporaries and collaborators via an intense facial region process. Her interest in this frequently unexplored region led her to launch the very first accreditation program in her field back in 2000, pioneering a breakthrough Certificate Program. Her study of faces for over 20 years has made her into a veritable professional, allowing her to teach alongside the faculty members of Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine and the Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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