Paul Ewald

Paul Ewald

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Director of Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Louisville

The question of where diseases with unknown origins come from is a common one; the Paul Ewald speeches divulge into why he believes that they are the result of chronic low-level microbial infections. In 1975, Ewald graduated from the University of California with a B.Sc in Biological Sciences, as well as a Ph.D from the University of Washington in Zoology, with specialization in Evolution and Ecology, in 1980.

Ewald has written two books that explore his theories which are titled, ‘Plague Time’ and ‘Evolution of Infectious Disease;’ he has also written academic papers and news articles. Ewald's research on the link between infections and cancer got him recognition in 2012 as he was named one of the ’25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World,’ in the Utne Reader magazine. The Paul Ewald speeches entice audiences with his radical new approaches and thinking in microbiology.

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