Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly

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Mathmetician and Professor

Well-researched and tying together mathematics and society at large, keynotes by Peter Donnelly explain the importance of statistics.

A Statistical Science Professor at the University of Oxford, Donnelly is a respected and prestigious expert in the field of study with immense experience with mathematics. Educated at the University of Queensland and later at Balliol College, Donnelly has a strong background in the subject and has a huge influence in the field. Having even been part of some forensic science cases, Donnelly's data comprehension is unmatched and often dominates the topics of which he discusses in his keynotes.

Unlikely many highly academic speeches by mathmeticians, keynotes by Peter Donnelly tie the important link between mathematical data and how such data plays out in the social world. Sure to engage many audiences, this is an informative speaker sure to make an impact.

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