Pieter Hoff

Pieter Hoff

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Dutch Bulb Grower

The keynotes by Pieter Hoff search for solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues surrounding food shortages and climate change. Water is available even in the most unlikely of places, and he believes that if humans utilize this resource in new ways, they can sustain the water supply for the future.

Pieter Hoff is a former flower exporter who invented and designed the Groasis Waterboxx, which is his solution to tree growth in the world's driest regions. Hoff is the author of 'The Blue CO2 Booklet: CO2 a Gift From Heaven,' and he received the Popular Science Green Tech Best of What's New Innovation award in 2010.

The keynotes by Pieter Hoff focus on finding answers to C02 emissions in our atmosphere. His plan is to plant trees through this innovative device designed through biomimicry technology.

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