Raghava KK

Raghava KK

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Lecturer, Professor, Author

The Raghava KK keynotes discuss the propaganda that exists in current children's books. In particular, KK examines his new children's book that allows readers to see the world through multiple perspectives.

Currently, KK is the Director of Raghava KK Inc and a lecturer on art and storytelling at NuVu Studios. Prior to this position, KK was a professor at New York University and the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

Recently, KK was named by 'CNN' as one of '10 Remarkable People the World Is Yet To Know Of' and by 'The New Indian Express' as on of the 'Faces of the Future.' As an author, he released Kirkus Star's 'Best Book of 2011' 'Pop-It' a children's iPad book that is dedicated to promoting different idea. His other artistic works have been featured at the 'Carre d'Art Musee d'Art Contemporain.'

As a speaker, KK gives keynotes addresses as private conferences and events including TED with guests including Tony Blair and Bill Gates. Examining the one-sided perspectives presented in current childhood books, the Raghava KK keynotes advocate for books that promote an array of varying ideals.

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