Ramona Pierson

Ramona Pierson

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CEO of Pierson Labs

The Ramona Pierson speeches tell an incredible story about perseverance and dedication, inspiring audiences to push through hard times and adversity.

At the age of 22, Pierson was hit by a car that left her in a 18 month coma. This accident rendered her unable to walk, speak, read or see. She had to learn how to live again, getting major neck, heart and eye surgery along the way. Pierson went on to receive her BA from Fort Lewis College, a master's from the University of San Francisco and a post-graduate degree from the University of Washington. Driven by her past plight, she pursued neuroscience before shifting her career towards technology.

She became the Director of Education Tech for Seattle Public Schools, where she managed data and oversaw IT for four years. In 2001, Pierson then founded her own company, SynapticMash, an education software developer. In 2009 she moved to the Chief Science Officer role and stayed in position even Promethean acquired SynapticMash.

Since late 2011, she is the CEO of Pierson Labs, which focuses on artificial intelligence and neuroscience. She is an advisor for Teach for Mexico and Change the Equation.

As the Ramona Pierson speeches stress and her impressive career validates, the sky is the limit for those who make use of opportunity in the most unlikely places.

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