Rinku Sen

Rinku Sen

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President and Executive Director of the Applie Research Center

The Keynotes by Rinku Sen advocate for racial justice and stress its importance in creating an effective society.

In 1988, Sen received an arts degree in women's studies from Brown University and only a couple of years later, she was awarded with the standing as one of 21 Feminists To Watch in the 21st Century by Ms. Magazine. She went back to school to obtain an M.S. in journalism from Columbia in 2005 -- armed with a pen, she wanted to combat social change.

Passionate about multicultural ideas and cultural identity at a young age, Sen kept this consistent throughout her professional career as she became involved in several positions at the Center for Third World Organizing. This led to securing roles as the Communications Director and the Director of the Transnational Racial Justice Initiative at the Applied Research Center, where she would eventually become President, a role she currently occupies today. She is also currently a publisher for

By examining the keynotes by Rinku Sen and her two books, one being a guide to community organizing, 'Stir it Up,' anyone can become inspired to negate stereotypes for a more inclusive society.

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