Robert Full

Robert Full

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Professor of Biology at University of California Berkley

As a professor of Biology at UC Berkley, Robert Full's keynotes discuss his area of expertise: nature. His research into the fields of comparative biomechanics and physiology have been crucial to his lengthy career. Studying animal performance, Full was able to provide the inspiration for multi-legged robots and computer animations in movies like 'A Bug's Life.'

Full's educational experience consists of a Master's and Ph.D. Degrees from SUNY Buffalo in 1979 and 1982 respectively, a research/teaching post-doctoral post at the University of Chicago until 1986 when he was accepted into the faculty of Berkley at University of California. He has held the post of Assistant Professor of Zoology, Associate Professor of Integrative Biology and Professor of Integrative Biology.

Recipient of the National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigators Award in 1990, a Distinguished Teaching Award in 1996 and a Goldman Professorship for teaching in 1998, his is extremely educated and accomplished, and this is apparent in Robert Full's keynotes.

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