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Robert Guest

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Robert Guest's speeches lend credence to the exalted American dream theory. Although many have relegated the dream to a mere thing of the past, Guest maintains that it is still entirely relevant, and that it will moreover spur the continued dominance of the United States over international relations.

Guest's staunch belief in the supremacy of the U.S. stems from his knowledge of corporate and foreign culture. He is currently the Business Editor of The Economist where he previously served as the publication's Washington Correspondent and as the elusive Lexicon columnist. Prior to his Western posts, Guest worked as the Daily Telegraph's Tokyo reporter following his work as a South Korean freelance journalist.

In 2004 Guest wrote 'The Shackled Continent,' addressing a plethora of pressing issues inclusive of AIDS and poverty. Robert Guest's speeches on domestic and global affairs are reflective of his book's assessment of the world's political landscape, as well as with his own personal journalistic work that he spearheaded within multiple regions.

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