Robert Hammond

Robert Hammond

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Co-Founder, Executive Director

Keynotes by Robert Hammond focus on his personal attempt to preserve public spaces in New York City. In particular, Hammond examines his efforts and experiences to protect to an abandoned Manhattan railway structure from demolition.

As a result of these efforts, Hammond became the Co-Founder and Executive Director of 'Friend of the High Line,' an organization that aimed to transform the abandoned railway structure into a community park. Prior to this position, Hammond worked with a variety of non-profit organizations and startups including 'Times Square Alliance' and 'National Cooperative Bank.' He also served as an Ex-Officio Trustee for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. With regards to his educational background, Hammond graduated with Honors in History from Princeton University.

In 2009, Hammond was awarded the Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome. Keynotes by Robert Hammond explore his efforts in preserving historical sights, a traditional he hopes will continue in the not-so-distant future.

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