Ronald Lewis

Ronald Lewis

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Founder of DoxonMills, Independent Journalist

Ronald Lewis' keynotes have been a reflection of exactly the type of attitude exuded in his first book, 'Stick it to the Man.' Out of Denver, Colorado, Lewis has founded DoxonMills and been the Project Coordinator at HCA (Hospital Corporation of America). Drawing on his original inspiration from Bill Gates of Microsoft, Lewis had contact with Gates through mail exchanges at the age of 15 and left an impression on the billionaire. As a recipient of the Microsoft MVP award and Spirit of Detroit award, Lewis has led an accomplished technological career.

Ronald Lewis' keynotes take a look at 'living a life without limits' among other topics including government and financial responsibility.

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Ronald Lewis is an author, activist and speaker from Denver, Colorado, and his political government keynote summarizes how Americans can create change. Lewis confronts some of the most controversial... is dedicated to finding the best keynote speakers, videos and ideas from around the world, founded by keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche for those who love new ideas  [More]
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