Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

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Co-Founder of Micromidas

Ryan Smith's keynotes reflect the innovative mind of this forward-thinking speaker. A co-founder of poop-to-plastic company Micromidas, his presentations are as game-changing as his business.

Interested in changing the future of the Earth, Smith is an eco-minded individual with some big ideas to alter the dire direction of the environment. Able to effectively demonstrate environmental issues while promoting and explaining potential solutions to seemingly impossible problems, Smith is a standout individual in the eco-friendly industry. Educated as a chemical engineer at the University of California, Smith has a strong background in science and can get down to the dirty details of changing the world.

An eloquent and immensely innovative thinker, Smith is a mover and shaker in one of the fastest growing industries out there. Sure to inspire and provide a better understanding to those interested in issues of environmental responsibility, Ryan Smith's keynotes are highly strategic.

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