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Physician, Author, Professor, Epidemiologist

The keynotes by Sandro Galea focus largely on the research he finds pertaining to the role traumatic events play on the health of individuals.

Focusing his research on the causes of mental disorders such as mood anxiety and substance abuse, Dr. Galea is interested in the role traumatic events have in shaping population health.

Dr Galea’s work in the complex etiology of health and disease has led him to share his findings through both written and oral presentations. The keynotes by Sandro Galea share his findings which have been published in more than 250 scientific journal articles and five books. The driving force that leads his research is his desire to help individuals choose a path of resistance instead of a path of chronic dysfunction following traumatic experiences.

Dr. Galea studied at the University of Toronto Medical School, the Harvard University School of Public Health, and at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

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