Saadia Zahidi

Saadia Zahidi

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Senior Director, Head of Constituents, Author

The Saadia Zahidi keynotes examine the progress that global gender gaps have faced. Despite the closing of educational and health gaps between genders, Zahidi reveals that women are still unable to participate in economic decision-making.

Zahidi is currently the Senior Director and Head of Constituents at the World Economic Forum, a position which involves setting global agendas and managing international relationships. Prior to this position, Zahidi was the head of the Women Leaders & Gender Parity Programme, where she co-authored the 'Global Gender Reports' series and implemented programs to promote equality between the sexes.

In terms of her education, Zahidi earned her a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Smith College and her Master's in Philosophy and International Economics from The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.

Currently, Zahidi is completing her Master's of Public Adminstration from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

Discussing the current progress of gender equality and progress that still needs to come, the Saadia Zahidi keynotes present an optimistic perspective on the closing of gender gaps.

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