Sam Killermann

Sam Killermann

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Comedian, Speaker, Social Justice Activist, Author

Sam Killermann's speaking career began with stand-up comedy. He later developed a one-man comedy show titled 'It's Pronounced Metrosexual,' which explores heavy subject matter such as gender identity, the struggles of oppression and the instant conclusions drawn from gender performance with humor and wit.

Killermann also founded and executive directs the non-profit organization 'Gamers Against Bigotry,' dedicated to making the gaming community more inclusive to a wide range of identities. The organization boasts 4,000 pledges in over 74 countries.

Killermann co-founded 'The Safe Zone Project,' which aims to raise LGBTQ awareness through online workshops and ally training. Moreover, he authored 'The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook: A Guide To Gender,' an accessible manual on different, non-binary ways to interpret gender.

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