Sanjeev Lamba

Sanjeev Lamba

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CEO of Reliance Entertainment

Sanjeev Lamba's keynotes are a reflection of Lamba's experience in the film industry and his path to his current career as CEO of Reliance Entertainment. His current position with Reliance Entertainment, a film company that focuses on movies, music, sports, gaming, Internet & more, gives him the satisfaction of living his dreams. Major titles from his production company include Oscar-nominated 'The Help,' 'Cowboys & Aliens,' 'War Horse' and 'I Am Number Four.'

To get to where he is, Lamba has had a lengthy career that has required him to take on many positions all around the world. For the past 15 years he has held senior international positions within the movie industry. His past experience includes various roles with Ogilvy and Mather in Mumbai and New Delhi, Walt Disney Company in Hong Kong, Tokyo and California and the Weinstein Company in New York.

As a storyteller, Lamba has applied creativity to his life and career to fulfill his dreams. As a global entrepreneur who has experienced vast success, Sanjeev Lamba's keynotes are truly standout in the entertainment industry.

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