Scilla Elworthy

Scilla Elworthy

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Peace Activist

The Scilla Elworthy keynotes explore the reasons that violence is often used, and explains what is necessary for an individual to be able to conduct themselves in a non-violent manner.

Elworthy is a peace activist and the founder of the non-governmental organization known as the Oxford Research Group, which was initiated in 1982. She acted as the executive director until 2003, and then left to pursue a new initiative called ‘Peace Direct,’ which is a charity that supports local peace makers.

In 1962, Elworthy studied social sciences at the Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and in 1993, she achieved a PhD in Political Science from Bradfort University. During her vacations, Elworthy worked in refugee camps in Algiers and France, where she gained hands-on experience.

Elworthy is a member of the World Future Council, as well as the International Task Force on Preventative Diplomacy. She has also authored several articles, reports and books including ‘Who Decides? Accountability and Nuclear Weapons Decision-Making in Britain’ in 1987 and most recently, the ‘Peace can be planned, Just like health’ in 2011.

Due to her vast knowledge and expertise, the Scilla Elworthy keynotes are sure to provide valuable tips on how societies can embrace peace and non-violent practices.

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