Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun

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Owner of Berkun Consulting, Team Lead for Automattic, Author, Keynote Speaker

The keynotes by Scott Berkun focus on the innovative practices that have remained the same throughout history. Scott Berkun explains that even though our world is evolving, word of mouth will remain prominent in the way individuals share information.

Scott Berkun received his degree from Carnegie Mellon University, and after worked for Microsoft as a Lead Program Manager. Currently, he is the owner of Berkun Consulting, and Team Lead for the web company Automattic. Berkun is the bestselling author of three books most recently 'Confessions of a Public Speaker.'

The keynotes by Scott Berkun help individuals make sense of today's evolving world through key universal ideas. Berkun sheds light on the timeless technologies that will never alter despite the rapidly changes in society.

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