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Scott Summit

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Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Speaker, Professor

Keynotes by Scott Summit discuss the importance of creating innovative and unique products instead of mass-produced and thoughtless entities. As the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Bespoke Innovations, a company that designs unashamedly personalized prosthetic limbs, Summit believes in embracing the uniqueness of a product that aims to recreate and express the personality of an individual, as well as its innovation. Summit attended The John Hopkins University and regularly guest lectures at Stanford University.

Previous to this, Summit held positions as a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University and Singularity University and a position as a tech design writer at Time Compression Magazine -- a position which he continues to hold. In 2010, Summit founded Bespoke Innovations, a company dedicated to designing custom-made and designer prosthetic limbs for active individuals.

Aside from his positions as a visiting professor, Summit also travels around the world giving speeches at 'TEDX Cambridge,' 'Stanford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series,' and 'Autodesk University.' In a society obsessed with mass-produced products, keynotes by Scott Summit suggest that products be created and designed exclusively for the individual, rather than the crowd.

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