Simon Hauger

Simon Hauger

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Teacher, Director

The Simon Hauger presentations focus on teaching through hands-on construction, while also examining new school models that promote this perspective. In particular, Hauger suggests a school model that allows students to engage with the process of learning and to apply those lessons to everyday life and situations.

As a inner city high-school math and science teacher Hauger understands that the current school systems are not benefiting students and preparing them with knowledge, while also processing extensive insight on how to improve the current system. Recently, Hauger designed and started a program titled 'West Philly Hybrid X Team' that allows students to solve real problems -- what he believes school should really be about.

Currently, Hauger is a teacher at The Sustainability Workshop and a Executive Director at Project Based Learning Inc, both NGOs that support initiatives for educational opportunities. Prior to this position, Hauger was the Director at West Philly Hybrid X Team, an after-school project that supports hands-on implementation of traditional courses. The Hybrid X team went on to win multiple competitions and was invited and honored at the White House. With regards to his educational background, Hauger earned a Master of Science/Instruction and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University.

Understanding that a school system, which encourages real life application and engagement, is key to educating and keeping students interested in learning is echoed through the Simon Hauger presentations.

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