Stanley McChrystal

Stanley McChrystal

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Retired United States Army General

The keynotes by Stanley McChrystal share tips about healthy leadership and strategies in wellness. To be a successful leader Stanley emphasizes that one needs a healthy balance in their life.

Stanley McChrystal graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, and was a second lieutenant in the United States Army. He later enrolled as a student in the Special Forces Officer Course at the Special Forces School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. From 1976 to 2010 he belonged to the United States Army, and this long commitment earned him numerous awards including Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star.

Stanley McCrystal is now a retired general, and he describes how his experiences in leadership positions require a healthy balance. The keynotes by Stanley McCrystal focus on being aware of strengths and weaknesses to build confidence in a team.

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