Starlee Kine

Starlee Kine

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Public Radio Producer, Writer

Starlee Kine's keynotes revolve around success and how to get there. The public radio producer and freelance writer has experienced the ups and downs of success herself throughout her distinguished career.

Educated at NYU where she received a Bachelor's degree, Kine explains in her keynote speeches the importance of fear as a motivating factor in reaching success.

As a freelance writer who has been featured in This American Life, Marketplace, the New York Times Magazine and more, Kine knows a thing or two about drive. Kine is reportedly working on a self-help book to be called 'It IS Your Fault.'

Her straight-up writing style and honesty in topics has led to her career success. Starlee Kine's keynotes reflect her drive and ambition and teach audiences how to reach their goals.

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