Stef Kranendijk

Stef Kranendijk

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The Stef Kranendijk speeches on the circular economy and the cradle to cradle approach to sustainability focus on the importance of recyclable materials. The former CEO most recently worked at Desso, a floor design and carpeting company. For five and a half years, he acted as CEO and then as chairman of the supervisory board. He left the organization to spread the concept of cradle to cradle and to help other industries implement a circular economy. A circular economy differs from the linear one in place as it strives to design products and materials made of pure, biodegradable substances so they can be recycled endlessly or disposed of safely, rather than burning waste or turning to landfills.

The Stef Kranendijk speech positions Desso as a leader in the circular economy movement. Kranendijk is a very vocal advocate of this sustainable approach, and intends to focus on putting profitable strategies in place at other firms where corporate social responsibility is held in high esteem.

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