Stephen Hemsley

Stephen Hemsley

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CEO of UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Stephen Hemsley's speeches explore the multifaceted and complex issues facing both the health and pharmaceutical industries in America today. Hemsley pinpoints the inability of the government -- at all levels -- and the market to come to a consensus on how to best tackle the biggest challenges.

Hemsley's career began shortly after he graduated from Fordham University in 1974 with a BA. Before joining UnitedHealth Group in 1997, he worked at Arthur Anderson as its Managing Partner and CFO. He became the CEO of UnitedHealth Group in 2006.

Stephen Hemsley's speech offer his perspective on why so much contention exists between the medical and pharmaceutical industry and government. He indicates that the inability of these groups to come to a sense of cohesiveness and agreement stunts the naturally innovative nature of the pharma industry.

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