Steve Barr

Steve Barr

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Founder of Green Dot Public Schools

Steve Barr presentations revolve around this thinker's strong investment in the success of schools. With some strong opinions about education and the ways in which schooling environments operate, he is a bold man with some revolutionary visions for the future of teaching.

Having founded Green Dot Public Schools in 1999, Barr is an accomplished individual with bold answers to troubling questions. His schools aimed to change the value of public schools in order to make high-quality education more accessible. A strong opposing voice against the ubiquity of private schools, Barr is an outspoken individual. In 1990, Barr founded 'Rock The Vote,' an increasingly popular organization which promotes young people's involvement in political issues and voting.

A force of controversial but well-intentioned good, Stev Barr presentations are thought-provoking and important to the future of schooling.

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