Steve Powers

Steve Powers

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Studio Artist, Author

The Steve Powers keynotes inspire audiences to make the most of their days and stressing the fact that creativity will enrich their lives.

Powers took classes at The Art Institute of Philadelphia and the University of the Arts. In 1994, he became the editor for On The Go Magazine. Throughout the 1990s, he completed graffiti art under the cover of Exterior Surface Painting Outreach (ESPO), working with both legal and illegal non-commissioned art. In the year 2000, after a run in with the law, he dropped the graffiti artist gig and went on to become a full-time studio artist. His work has been featured in Venice and Liverpool Biennials, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Powers was a Fulbright scholar in 2007. He authored a few titles including 'The Art of Getting Over', which focused on graffiti history, and 'First and Fifteenth,' a graphic novel.

He just recently completed the mural exhibition A Love Letter for You in Philadelphia, which comes complete with an accompanying book.

Drawing from his own background as a struggling creative turned studio artist, the Steve Powers keynotes give uplifting tips to others in how to live their possibility-filled lives.

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